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Qualitative Research in Healthcare — Modern Methods, Clear Translation: A White Paper

Frances Rapport, Anne Hogden, Mona Faris, Mia Bierbaum, Robyn Clay-Williams, Janet C. Long, Patti Shih, Rebecca Seah, and Jeffrey Braithwaite. Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University: Sydney, Australia.  ISBN: print version 978-0-85837-036-4; e-book 978-0-85837-000-5


We present a lively account of how qualitative methods are currently being used in health services and medical research contexts. We reveal the scope and reach of qualitative methods across a range of studies, and their impact on research outcomes and healthcare practices. We also describe current methods-in-use, including some of the lesser-known biographical and photographic methods and how research results are being implemented to improve patient safety and the quality of care.

In addition, the White Paper considers some of the more challenging and controversial aspects of applying qualitative methods in healthcare contexts, in the hope of raising awareness of ethical issues in contention. These include how to ensure findings are trustworthy and reliable, and how to encourage outcomes that are transferable across contexts, ready for upscaling. By so doing, the White Paper argues that qualitative methods can broach not only aspects of more routine clinical care, but also lesser known healthcare practices.

The White Paper describes creative pathways to asking and answering questions, giving examples from ongoing research studies. We also discuss how to implement research outcomes and translate findings to make a difference in real-life settings. The implications of using qualitative methods for improving healthcare systems are considered, concluding with a discussion of the future of qualitative methods, and exploring a very recent development, that of the ‘mobile method’.


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